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The worst place in Thailand to go solo

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Yesterday I went to a 3D museum.


This was a terrible idea.

Let me rewind. First, I woke up, determined to do as little/much as possible that day. I was going to catch up all the blogs, plan all my travels, fix whatever is going on with my camera, catch up on my overflowing email inbox, find the cure for malaria (that reminds me I need to take a malaria pill), and maybe sneak in a trip to a museum.

What I ACTUALLY did was watch netflix all morning, stumble to 7--eleven for a toastie and some juice, and wander over to the 3D museum for what turned out to be one of the more frustrating and creativity-inducing days of my solo adventures so far.

The 3D museum is basically a huge museum with creatively painted murals that look 3-dimensional. The fun part is that you get to take photos of yourself in these giant paintings so it looks like you're being eaten by a crocodile or trapped in a bottle. The not fun part is BEING ALONE FOR THIS. Turns out, many of these paintings require that a camera be at a certain angle for the 3D effect to actually look impressive, and there definitely aren't any podiums or stands for you to set your camera on for this purpose.

So, what followed was two hours of Jen getting really really creative, and also pretty frustrated. I tried using the timer setting on my camera, which worked pretty well, except that I had to chose only those sites where you could get a decent shot from the floor (and my camera isn't taking photos in focus very well, an issue that I haven't actually tried that hard to fix but keep complaining about). I used my purse as a stand. I dragged small chairs around the museum to set my camera on. I connected my phone to my camera so I could take pictures remotely and have just the right positioning for the shot. I dodged and patiently waited for the throngs of other tourists with zero sense of personal space who appeared in waves to photobomb all my shots and/or stare at my process without ever once offering to actually take a picture for me. I balanced my camera precariously on railings and shelves that I could find.

In the end, I did get some pretty cool photos (I'll put them at the end), but I mourn the awesome shots I COULD have gotten if I hadn't been alone. Like... I could have flown on a magic carpet! Or run away from a T-Rex! It turns out that there are some things that really are best with a partner, no matter how much you like your alone time.


After I left the museum, I realized that I had used all of my self-determination to not lose my shit at people. I wandered around hoping to see a place where I could get some food, but didn't have the energy to maneuver anything complex. In the end, I grabbed some cup of noodles from 7-eleven, and some dried fruit, and took my sad dinner back to the hostel. I got the flavor "Moo Manao," without knowing what t was...but it didn't have a chili pepper on the container so I assumed it couldn't be too spicy. Turns out Moo Manao means spicy pork. Oops. I ate it anyway.


I'm heading off to the airport soon to head back to Bangkok for a few days before moving on to Laos. My hostel has a slide inside, so I'm hoping that will bring some joy to my pity party!


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